The Ballad Of Zoey

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The Ballad Of Zoey

Zoe, Zoey, Zoé or Zoë (Greek: ζωή)
is a female first name of Greek origin, meaning LIFE.

Photo – Courtesy of Niagara Dog Rescue
From the streets of Kentucky
To the ‘burbs of Toronto
Young Zoey was plucky
But needed help, pronto!
pawprints divider, small
With a lovely black coat
And a cute beggar’s face
A scar on her throat
Did not debase

What was her story?
Nobody knew
It must have been gory
The things she went through
Stuck in a shelter
Ready to die
Had they felt her
Pain – did they cry?

At last, help arrived
From a country up north
Young Zoey survived
Life got better, henceforth
It was love at first sight
When we met this sweet girl
The feeling was right
Let our new life unfurl!

We adopted Zoey on Sept, 24, 2020 when she was approx. 9 months old. Can you imagine such a young dog being left on the streets to fend for herself? 

At first, all was well, but as time wore on, we noticed she was prone to leash reactivity and fear aggression (mostly towards larger dogs.) We have been working with a behaviourist, who says Zoey is highly insecure. 

We can only imagine the horrors she may have experienced (the scar on her throat is a permanent reminder) and remain committed to giving her all the love and patience she needs. 

Niagara Dog Rescue saved Zoey’s life. This is their donation page►

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We wish Zoey a happy life.

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