Tailwaggers’ Thursday: Princess Yoda

I’m starting a new series called Tail-Waggers’ Thursday in which I will feature my friends from around the world.
Please click on the links provided to visit their blogs or those of their parents.

My first guest is the lovely Princess Yona all the way from the US of A:

Hi everyone – My name is Princess Yona. I’m five years old and I live in Oregon, USA with my lovely Mama, Jan and her grandchildren and ‘my’ cats. I love my Papa too, but I get to see him only twice a week and then I have to share him with Jan and the kids! 

My Mama is a brilliant photographer (as you will see in her blog) and she took this picture of me. She calls it ‘The Princess and the Pea’ 🙂

Nice meeting you all.

~ Princess Yona

Isn’t she lovely – I wish she lived closer! ♥

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