Tailwaggers’ Thursday: Pepe The Papillon


My name is Pepe and I am from Australia.

Mummy bought Tilly and me from a breeder in 2004. I was very small and had an identical twin sister, but Mummy chose Tilly over her. On the way home, Tilly vomited all over mummy’s lap, and I jumped around so much that I had to be put in a box!



Since then, Tilly and I have had many great times together. One of them is when Tilly and I went to puppy school, and got expelled! We have always been full of energy! We also are very healthy, and we know we have many great years together, even though we are turning 9 this year on December 20th.

We have always had other pets, who I get along very well with. I have 2 cat sisters, and 2 mice sisters. I love to stare at the cats while they hiss at me, but I never ever hurt them, as for the mice, they just intrigue me!

My favourite things to do would be to play with Tilly, play fetch with my trusted blue ball, or go on walks. We are very lucky and get many walks, which keeps us in great shape!

Tilly and I have had a good life always. We have always been in a warm, loving home, we have never been hurt or neglected, and never even seen a pound. Many animals don’t get that luxury. That is why I made my Facebook page, not just to share cute pictures and stories, but to help raise awareness for those being mistreated. Hopefully, one day, we can have all animals living my perfect life.

We also feel very strongly about puppy farms as the dog before us was from a puppy farm. We got her from the pet shop and she died one year later due to white dog shaking syndrome. I guess it was a blessing as now we can educate others to adopt animals from shelters, not buy puppies that are from puppy farms.

Have you heard of Papillons? If not, you should look into getting one of us, as Papillons are sweet, loyal, loving dogs that will play all day and then cuddle you when you are down.

I love making new friends, so come by my page: https://www.facebook.com/PapillonPepe

Tail wags and licks,


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  1. Myrna

    I’m so happy to learn about Papillons. I’m even happier to know that you are educating people about puppy farms. Enjoyed reading this post.

    Pablo, it’s so nice that you have guests on your blog.

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