Tailwaggers’ Thursday: Coco The Lab

Tailwaggers’ Thursdays come around faster than you know and this week I’m thrilled to have Coco posting here.

Coco’s Mom, Rachna said that labs, not boxers,  make the cutest puppies. I told her I’d only believe her when Coco showed me his puppy photographs. Now I can see just what she meant – doesn’t mean I agree though 😉

Love & licks


Hi, I am Coco! The cutest Labrador you will ever find. I was born with the bluest of eyes and a pink nose.

The eyes are now golden-green, and my mommy says that I look like a lion! I love food!

My favorites are Pedigree, chicken, actually just about anything. I also love bananas and veggies. My mom gives me millet rotis that I love to chew. My doctor aunty says that rotis are good for me.

I am always game for a treat or a good game of ball. I have a nice big home where I run around and play a lot. My elder brothers love playing with me. I enjoy playing tug-of-war and catch, along with hide and seek. I have my own set of teddy bears, but I have chewed the brains out of most of those.

I turned 1 year old this May. I had a nice birthday party with a Pedigree cake. My family pampered me a lot.

I am a happy-go-lucky person. I enjoy walks and chasing cockroaches. I also like to make friends but most of the dogs in my area are not that friendly. But, I love it at the dog boarders where the other dogs are friendlier, and I have a whale of time whenever left there. I leave you with a few of my pics.


I hope you enjoyed sharing these nuggets from my life. Till next time.

I don’t have my own blog, but my mommy writes about me in her own space at Rachna Says.

~ Coco



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  1. Rachna

    Thank you so much Pablo for having my cute sonny on your beautiful blog. He is over the moon and is wagging his tail in appreciation. Thanks again for the honor! And, we will leave the talk about cuter puppies on the “agree to disagree” mode :).

    • pablotheboxer

      Thank you for the post A Rachna. My tail is so tiny that you won’t be able to see it wagging – but it is. For today I’m so happy with Coco’s post, I’ll agree that labs make cuter puppies. But only today 😉 ♥

    • Rachna

      Thank you Lata! As soon as mom allows me, I would like to come to Folsom, but I am really afraid to travel in that cargo box in the plane. Wow, you have a doggy park there :). I am salivating at the prospect of letting go. Here, I have to be on leash because people are afraid of my huge size, when all I want to do is play with them ;-).

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