Tailwaggers’ Thursday: Bozo


Last weekend was my first holiday with my humans. They took me along with them in their car all the way to Lonavala which is around 110kms from home.

I loved the drive through the mountains and the house that we stayed in was in the mountains too!

The best part was that all my loving humans were with me. We danced and we sang and ate some fabulous food too!

It was two days of fun and frolic!

I felt very tired once I returned home and slept for ten hours straight – my favorite pastime!



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  1. Myrna

    Leroy and Daisy say: “You’re trip sounds like so much fun. Wish our humans took a trip like that. But, we do get to go to the park and play and that’s fun too. Take care Bozo.”

  2. Pablo!! I’m so happy to see a new post! And is this a new blog platform? I love it! And I love your photo! You are so handsome! Bozo’s post is wonderful! I’m glad he was able to sleep for a long time after so much activity. Holidays can leave you feeling very tired. Roxy and I are soon leaving for Spain for summer vacation. Hugs for Bozo and you! 🙂

  3. pablotheboxer

    Bella you’re always so nice. I’m so glad you like the new look. Do you think that Roxy will now be ready to post on my blog. I’d love to have her tell us about her trip to Spain. Isn’t she a lucky lady? Corinne told me you might buy her a buggy too? 😉

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