Rest In Peace Pablo

It’s with great sorrow that José, Lucky and I bade farewell to our dearest Pablo on 31 January morning. He would have been 12 on 18 February. We know that he led a full and happy life and for that we are grateful. Rest in peace Pablo, our sweet boy!

Taken on 17 February 2019 – a day before his 10th birthday

Rest In Peace Pablo

As much as we know that he is beyond suffering now, we cannot but be sad at his passing. He was such an integral part of our daily lives. As José said, there’s a hole in our lives! Yes, there’s a Pablo-shaped hole in our lives and one that can never be filled. We’ll eventually stop grieving as we are now, but we’ll never stop remembering and loving him.

I have so much to write about this special dog, but I can’t see the screen for my tears. In the coming days, I’ll be writing about him and using this space to create something positive to honour the memory of our lovely boy!

Rest in peace, champ! And thank you for everything you were to us. ♥

Good Manners #WordlessWednesday

Picture 090
In case your Mama didn’t teach you – it’s always good manners to keep your elbows off the table…errr…cloth! Now paws, that’s another thing!
Picture 093
And once you’ve finished eating signal to the ‘waiters’ to give you more by moving your bowl to their table.
If they pretend not to notice you, and turn their backs on you, wait patiently…..Patience is a good virtue, and is usually well rewarded!
I’ll be back with more paw-some wisdom – soon.
Love & licks