Good Manners

In case your Mama didn’t teach you – it’s always good manners to keep your elbows off the table…errr…cloth! Now paws, that’s another thing! And once you’ve finished eating signal to the ‘waiters’ to give you more by moving your bowl to their table. If they pretend not to notice …

Hanging With Friends

That’s what I’m going to be doing the next few days – hanging with friends at Perfect Pooch. It turns out ‘they’ (C & J) wanted to catch up on a lot of pending stuff and so wanted me out of their hair (not that they have much between them!!) and in good company. I wish they would do this more often – I get to play with a lot of dogs 24/7.
Don’t you like this picture of me with Corinne’s niece and nephew, Lisa and Jonathan? I’m waiting for them to start a blog about my ‘cousin’ Tich. Haven’t met him in a while!
Love and licks