Man’s Best Friend?


Man’s best friend? That’s what they call us. Are you sure?

Here’s what I think:

When a man’s best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem. ~Edward Abbey

Love and licks



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  1. I have had dogs all my life … but my first rescue dog was in my twenties … since then, I only had rescue dogs. Our canine friends are the best example I can think of when I consider unconditional love in our modern world.
    My last friend was called Jake and he lived to 17 years … we owned a boat on England’s canals and Jake preferred to walk along the towpaths while the boat was travelling (we moved around 2 miles per hour, so he had plenty to time to examine ALL the sniffs and signatures left by others as he went.
    Now, in my sixties, disabled, I can no longer give a home to these wonderful spirits, so I just smile at my memories.
    If you visit the link I left you will meet Jake, who had a very un-dog-like hobby.

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