Happy Happy

Happy, happy….that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

We boxers know how to do happy very well….

Duece the boxer
Duece the boxer (Photo credit: Mad Mod Smith)

Most times it’s wonderful to be a dog. There’s so much to explore…so much to discover….and so much to celebrate.

My friend here is not a boxer but he sure is trying to be one. I can understand why my friend here is happy, happy – I would be too if I had such a big field to run wild in.

You can watch the video here too.

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  1. pablotheboxer

    Thank you for dropping by, Kimberly. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment, but when I do go out I love to run free.

    Would your dogs like to do a guest post for me on Tailwaggers’ Thursday? Please, pretty please.

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