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Happiness Is A Dog!

Happiness is a dog? Yes, I have it on good authority that if you have a dog, you’re are likely to be a happier and healthier person.

If you don’t believe me, read this:

“It is possible that dogs can directly promote our well-being by buffering us from stress. The ownership of a dog can also lead to increases in physical activity and facilitate the development of social contacts, which may enhance physiological and psychological human health in a more indirect manner.” ~  Dr Deborah Wells from Queen’s University, Belfast. Read more here.

And if you don’t believe in scientific proof, take this picture as evidence!

“Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot little puppies.” ~ Gene Hill

If you can’t own a dog, go borrow your neighbor’s pooch!

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  1. I’m sure they would! Lucy has been a magazine cover girl here in Dallas and at one time had her own Facebook page – LOL. Annabelle is the younger of the two and actually Lucy’s niece:)) Together they get into mischief… I wrote a blog from Lucy’s point of view last spring. I could repost it on your page.

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