Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Every morning, after my walk and breakfast, I go to the balcony for my daily dose of Vitamin D.

Daily Doors of Sun?


I’ve heard that everyone needs their Vitamin D. Are you getting yours everyday?

PS: In case you’re wondering why I’m posting here – Corinne has merged my blog into this one – since we all live in the same house! 😉 She still needs to do some housekeeping though to make sure all my posts show up here.  I continue to have my own Facebook Page – Pablo’s (P)Awesome Wisdom.  Please ‘like’ it.


Today we’re on D of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge.



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  2. Ah, what a good looking fella you are Pablo…..where have you been all my life? This Rorinne Codrigues I tell you……..I can only imagine your plight. But the girl has a good heart.

    And D is my fav kind of vitamin, available for free!

  3. Such a cute pooch!

    There’s a ton of sun here in Texas, but my doctor said he still tests everyone’s blood for their vitamin D levels. He said he has been surprised how often people who work outside and get loads of sun are still low in this vitamin. He suspects that it has something to do with our modern diet, but he’s not sure!

    Odd, eh?

    Mine tested low, but if you saw me – and how pale I am – you wouldn’t be surprised. Hehe!

    Tui, visiting from the #AtoZchallenge

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