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Good Manners #WordlessWednesday

Picture 090
In case your Mama didn’t teach you – it’s always good manners to keep your elbows off the table…errr…cloth! Now paws, that’s another thing!
Picture 093
And once you’ve finished eating signal to the ‘waiters’ to give you more by moving your bowl to their table.
If they pretend not to notice you, and turn their backs on you, wait patiently…..Patience is a good virtue, and is usually well rewarded!
I’ll be back with more paw-some wisdom – soon.
Love & licks

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For Boxer Lovers

Today I defy you not to ………..SMILE!

Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure that there are no smiles available ~ Jim Beggs

I defy all Boxer owners not to smile at this one:
When dogs are happy they wag their tails…
When Boxers are happy they wag the back half of their body…
When dogs are happy to see you they jump up to greet you…
When Boxers are happy to see you they run nine hundred miles an hour around the living room…
When dogs are bored they want to play fetch for twenty minutes…
When Boxers are bored they bring you every toy in the house over and over for the next two hours…
When dogs get tired they sleep in their bed as quiet as a mouse…
When Boxers get tired they sleep on you chest snoring in your ear…
When dogs beg for food they put a paw on your knee…
When boxers beg for food they silently make two large slobber bubbles from the sides of their mouth…
Therefore, boxers are not dogs. They are wiggling, burning, toy carrying, snoring, slobber bubble making machines

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Revisiting My Younger Days

Don’t you just love me?


Today I’m going to share with you some pictures of me in my younger days! I was born on 18 February 2009 in Hyderabad and have seven siblings. My Mom, Suzy, is a loving, crazy white boxer with brown patches. Corinne says she looks like a pirate with a patch on her eye. She also says that I’m as crazy and loving as my Mom. My Dad is a prize-winning boxer who looks really fierce. You will notice he has his ears cropped. José and Corinne decided early that they were not going to enter me for any dog shows and certainly didn’t want to have my ears cropped. They wanted a pet and they sure got one! 😉

My siblings, my Mom and Dad

When they came to pick me up I was happy to go home (Corinne’s parents house) with them and bonded with them instantly. I remember the first night that they put me in a box near their bed. I managed to get out of it and went to pull Corinne’s hair when I need to be taken out to ease myself. They were really pleased at how clever I was even back then!

I had written this for the Blogging From A to Z challenge many moons ago on another blog. My secretary, the lazy woman she is, decide to share this again. 😉

You, dear readers, I love. I will continue to blog at this space hence forward, so do come by and visit me.

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Backing Up To Day One


Corinne insists that I should share with you a picture of me on Day One – the day I was  brought to her parents’ home – almost 8 years ago.

I was such an excited, scared (although I didn’t show it) and tired little puppy that I fell right asleep in her arms!

I still love to cuddle but I’m a little too big to be held this way!
Love and licks!