I’m Listening With A Broken Ear

This is going to be my first book review so please be patient with me.  When Corinne told me how much she enjoyed reading ‘I’m Listening With A Broken Ear‘, I told her I just had to read it.  But you know her, right? She wasn’t content with me being a reading dog, she wanted me to write about it too! Don’t you think this is grounds for me to call in the Animal Rights Activists?

But seriously, when I read Vicky S Kaseorg’s delightful story of how she and her daughter found and reluctantly rescued a dying dog, I knew I’d want to write about it.

At first Vicky tries hard not to take on Honeybun – because her family cannot afford the time or the money it will cost and they already have a dog. Fate, Vicky’s daughter and Honeybun have other ideas!

Vicky takes us through her struggle of helping Honeybun (so named by her daughter) through severe health issues,  aggression and fear which are all part of her history of being abandoned.  It is as much a story of Vicky as it is of her dog.  At every turn, she is tempted to give up and give Honeybun away to Animal Control who will certainly euthanize her.  However, help keeps coming to Vicky in unexpected and seemingly miraculous ways.  Honeybun teaches Vicki and her family a lot of lessons in faith, unconditional love and the great truth that no one is really beyond redemption!

Told with great humor, interspersed with Vicky’s prayers, it is definitely a wonderfully uplifting read.  This is truly a book for all dog lovers.

I hope you enjoy it too!

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