140 Days Later

Yesterday, President Biden and family lost Champ, their 13 year old German Shepherd. As Corinne read the President’s tribute to Champ and the Twitter thread that followed, I know she was moved to tears. I was so sad too. Not because we knew this dog, but because we know the pain of losing a loving companion. 140 days later, it’s hard not to be sad about losing Pablo.

140 Days

140 days later and we still miss you, your madness, your stubbornness, your grumbling and your ability to harass José and Corinne for treats (which I enjoyed too). I miss harassing you – jumping on you just before you went for a walk, taking away the ball from you and refusing to part with it… I miss playing with you…. To paraphrase President Biden, “Everything was instantly better when you were next to us.”

Corinne quietly copied some images that people had shared in on Twitter about the loss of a dog in response to Champ’s passing. She asked me if I’d like to share it with you and I agreed.

We love and miss you, Pablo!

3 thoughts on “140 Days Later

  1. Oh, this was too much! I can imagine how painful it must be for you all after Pablo’s passing. Not a day will go by without mussing him. Like I miss Chikoo. I have placed his photograph on a table in my drawing room, right in front of my couch, and another big framed photo behind our bed. So, each time I sit on the couch or go to bed at night, I see my baby and it fills me with warmth.
    How I wish dogs lived longer!
    Hugs to Lucky and to you, Corinne!


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