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Army Vet Reunited With Dog

Sergeant Jason Bos and his K-9 partner Cila spent five years side-by-side in Iraq. They were together through 100 missions, which included working with the secret service and detecting roadside bombs. But when the sergeant retired in 2012 due to a back

Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.
(P)Awesome Wisdom


Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures. ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr., Life’s Little Instruction Book Love and licks,

My Story

Revisiting My Younger Days

Today I’m going to share with you some pictures of me in my younger days! I was born on 18 February 2009 in Hyderabad and have seven siblings. My Mom, Suzy, is a loving, crazy white boxer with brown patches. Corinne says

Boxer, My Story

Backing Up To Day One

Corinne insists that I should share with you a picture of me on Day One – the day I was  brought to her parents’ home – almost 8 years ago. I was such an excited, scared (although I didn’t show it) and

(P)Awesome Wisdom

Back To The Boring Life

I’ll be back home tomorrow….to the boring old life! But at least ‘they’ will be happy to have me back – I’m hoping! Let me go play some more with my friends – old and new. When I’m back I’ll tell you